I’m back betches

On tumbler, of course. Ahaha~

Rigged a pouch to put on my bike (a long post)

Recently I bought a bike. There were so many options on how to carry my essentials (cellphone, wallet, iPod), without looking too sporty and too bulky. So I opted for an everyday look—a pouch I can put on my bike, but still be able to carry around if I want to have lunch with people.

Pouch - bought it cheap for P50 from a tiangge place.
Sewing materials - scissors, needle and thread

A piece of string or cloth

Glue - I use it to prevent the loose ends from fraying.


Since its a cheap bag, I checked the inside of the pouch for some loose ends. True enough, the corners are loosely sewn together. So I fixed those first, and then put glue on it so they won’t be fraying.

Next, I need to find the center line of the pouch. Don’t try this! I believe that this is a bad way to find its center haha. Use a measuring tape or something. Ahahaha~

After that, mark that area with a tailor’s chalk or pencil.

Then, sew it on.
I don’t have some spare piece of cloth with me, so I used a broken hair ponytail thingie, cut 1 inch, then sewed it at the back.

After sewing, I applied a thin layer of glue on the sewed parts, then let it dry.

THEN it’s done!

The strap I sewed on at the back is for this:

I bought this garter-type strap from Saizen for P88.

Now, for the road test!

It was convenient not to put all my things in a slingbag, then use it around while biking. The slingbag had the tendency to go infront of my body, hindering my knees while biking.

Or my body doesn’t feel right will all those things strapped to my body.

After a whole day of biking around, the bouncy strap failed. So I put in a clamp thingy (forgot what it was called), and hang it on one of the bike locks on the handlebar.

Overall, the strap that I sewed on was fine. It’s the attachment I put in that failed haha. 

I’m planning on sewing a little pouch thingy inside the pouch for my money, just to make it organized. Gawd, I can be so anal sometimes haha~ Enjoy~